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      Social Responsibility

      social responsibility

             Goldfish Group is one of the Advanced Enterprises in Constructing Social Responsibilities in Hangzhou City. It follows the purpose of ‘Create for the improvement and perfection of humans’ lives and pursue for the advancement and development of the world’s civilizations’. And the Group integrates the promotion of the enterprise’s development and the practice of social responsibilities and makes unremitting endeavors to realize the comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable development of the enterprise, society and the environment.

      • The Group’s employees go to the communities to introduce the total of five water treatment and carry out harmonious public benefit activities.
      • Mr. Tan Xiaoguang is awarded by the Group for acting bravely for a just cause.
      • The Group’s leaders lead employees and their family members to take part in tree planting activity.
      • The Group’s employees took part in the public benefit activity of ‘Protecting the Environment and Green Riding’
      • The Group’s employees lead their family members to take part in public benefit activities.

      Social Responsibility Report

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